Prostate Cancer And Term Life Insurance!

Former prostate cancer patients are eligible for term life coverage. However, finding an affordable policy can be difficult. But, by comparing term life insurance quotes with the help of a professional insurance agent and by keeping informed, you can find a good plan that will provide the financial security your family needs.

Prostate cancer and the underwriting process

prostate cancerAgencies determine the cost of your policy during a process called underwriting. Many factors are taken into account, but your health condition is the most important. When underwriting former prostate cancer patients, an agency will be interested in a series of issues like:

  • The age when you were diagnosed with prostate cancer. People who were diagnosed after the age of 60 have the best chances of finding coverage, while does diagnosed prior to 50 years have the lowest possibilities.
  • PSA (Prostate-specific Antigen) level prior and after the cancer treatment.
  • Gleason score
  • The stage of disease. Most insurance agencies will only insure former prostate cancer patients who suffered from stages 1 or 2. Stage 3 survivors have to discuss with an insurance agent and compare a lot of term life insurance quotes to find a policy.
  • The cancer treatment you followed.

How to increase your eligibility?

The best rates a former prostate cancer survivor can get are those for a 20 years term life insurance policy. The applicant must have suffered from Stage 1 and be diagnosed over the age of 60.  Stage 2 or 3 former prostate cancer patients can increase their eligibility by following these tips:

  • Discuss with your doctor! Your doctor can guarantee for your health during the underwriting process and he or she can recommend an agency that will insure you!
  • Gather your medical records! An insurance agency demands several medical reports that show a complete recovery. Make sure your visit your doctors for regular check-ups and provide a series of medical reports that show the negative evolution of your disease!
  • Discuss with an insurance broker. Insurance brokers can help you find the cheapest policies. Stage 2 or 3 prostate cancer survivors should contact an insurance agent if they are having problems qualifying for coverage.

If you are a former prostate cancer survivor and need life insurance, you need professional help! Visit our website for quotes and advice on how to get the cheapest life coverage possible!


by Bogdan Moisa