Life Insurance Without Medical Exams: 3 Important Advantages!

 Life insurance without medical exams is a type of contract that provides coverage for seniors or those with disabilities or illnesses.  There are many benefits of having no exam protection, but we will mention 3 important advantages:

091-300x2051)      You can obtain it with ease. Standard policies require extensive paperwork and many documents to be brought and analyzed by the insurance company. All the steps of a normal underwriting procedure can be quite frustrating and stressful. Choose no exam policies if you want an easy way for getting life insurance.

Also, this policy can be attained by our elder parents or those who are not in the best physical shape and health.  For standard insurers, even flu or some high blood pressure problems can be a legit reason to deny issuing a policy.

2)      You can get it in useful time.  Undergoing several medical exams imply a lot of lost time in between appointments, actual tests and waiting for results. And it is not only about the tests, we also tend to fear about the unknown. Even if we think that we are healthy, as a senior you can never be sure.

Time is always taking its toll and our bodies become more and more exposed to age-related disease.  If you are suffering of something, you will need a fast way to get insurance. In 2 or 3 months, while you are expecting an answer from an insurance company, things can get complicated and the company will reject your application.  No exam policies are processed really fast, in maximum 2 or 3 days.  Easy and fast.

3)      Reasonable prices for premiums. Price is the main reason why so many people are afraid to apply for no exam life insurance. There is nothing to fear about, the premiums are not that expensive as rumored.  Still, there are above the average prices of standard policies. But the competition is tough and if they want to survive on the market, companies have lowered the prices, even the carriers selling no exam policies.

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