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Senior citizens and sports: improve your health by exercising!

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As a senior citizen, you can probably relate to all the back-pains, lack of energy and rheumatically affected afternoons spent watching television, lazed in bed. Sadly, all the reasons which lead to this senior schedule keep elderly people trapped in a vicious circle: you lack physical activity because you are tired, and you are tired because you lack physical activity. In order to break the circle, you need initiative; you ought to fully understand, and

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Few foods that can help you to effectively combat diseases

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You have seen many times on television that there are certain foods that can help you fight against various diseases through their beneficial properties. Even if you do not believe it, well, you have to know it’s true! You can effectively combat diseases by making small changes in your diet. This should include some foods that have been considered to have special properties beneficial to your health. A suitable diet for old age is not

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