Can No Medical Exam Life Insurance Protect Your Family?

Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smilingNo medical exam life insurance can provide enough financial for your family. Many clients doubt that this policy is reliable. In truth, purchasing life insurance without taking a medical examination first is not uncommon and it is perfectly safe.

Why is life insurance important?

When you buy coverage, the agency guarantees a death benefit which will be paid after you pass away, to your beneficiaries. You are free to name whomever as a beneficiary, but it is recommended to designate a close family member, such as your spouse or children. The death benefit can provide financial stability for your loved ones if you suddenly pass away.

The coverage provided by a policy is the most important part when buying life insurance. You should always choose a plan based on how much coverage your family needs. This can be calculated by multiplying your household’s expenses by 12 (the number of months in a year).

Is no medical exam life insurance safe?

Buying life insurance without taking a medical examination is safe. You can even buy a plan online. The application process is simplified and you do not have to visit a doctor and take a blood test. The underwriting process is also simplified as this plan can be issued in just a few minutes.

In order to qualify for no medical exam life insurance, you have to answer a few medical questions.

The maximum death benefit that you can take is limited to $250,000. In order to qualify for this amount, you have to be relatively healthy. Some agencies may insure you for more than that and offer $300,000. Your health plays an important part in determining the amount of coverage you can buy.

In conclusion, buying life insurance that does not require medical examinations is perfectly safe and it can provide the financial security your loved ones need. Visit us for more information and for the best life insurance quotes.